Home care

Clean care & health care – priority directions of the company FERESA activity.

We supply high quality raw materials for home care from the global leader Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.

You can purchase foam agents, cationic, anionic, nonionic, amphoteric surfactants.

Baby care

FERESA worries about aggressive influence of chemical factors on the health of Ukrainian babies.

Raw materials (mild surfactants) for baby cosmetics are safe for baby’s organism.

Our supplier works out amino oxide, innovative formulations, sulfosuccinate, emollients, betaines, conditioning additives. Testing certifies the efficiency and safety usage of mild surfactants in baby’s cosmetics.

Personal Care

Now mild surfactants for green chemistry and organic cosmetics are very popular as never before.

We follow this trend as well, because we see our consumers to be very selective and attentive to their health.

FERESA offers mild surfactants, emollients for shampoo, liquid soap, free-sulfate materials and betaines. Worlds famous Dove, Palmolive, Timotei, DurexPlay, CLEAR include mild surfactants to their formulations.