FERESA is cooperative to mutual beneficial partnership. As a young company we look after our customers’ interests and always expand our product range.  

  • surfactants,
  • conditioning additives,
  • emollients,
  • UV-filters,
  • preservatives.

We are keen to consider every offers  from suppliers or  wholesale buyers.

Why Feresa Group LLC chose Galaxy Surfactants as the main partner?

1. Galaxy Surfactants – global leading manufacturer of surfactants for cosmetics and chemical industry. The supplier for world’s famous companies:

  • Colgate,
  • Unilever,
  • Henkel,
  • Reckitt Benckiser.

2. April 2016, Galaxy Surfactants was awarded by monitoring company Eco Vadis, which highly valued innovations of Galaxy Surfactants products in the area of ecofriendly raw material production.

3. In 2015 Galaxy Surfactants was awarded as an exporter of high-quality product.

Please find more information about company’s products at the official website. We don’t doubt, you have chance to become successful manufacturer of cosmetic brand with Galaxy Surfactants product.

Priority principles of cooperation with our partners

  1. Expenses and product price reduction policy.
  2. Logistics and warehouse network improvement.
  3. Development of innovative technologies in cosmetology and chemistry.
  4. Raw materials for eco-products.
  5. To expand the product range for organic cosmetics, free sulfate formulations.
  6.  Convenient consumer service.
  7. Scaling the information background, which includes formulation guides of innovative products as well.
  8. Liability and confidence. We always fulfil terms of conducted contacts.
  9. Improving the program of loyal purchasing for our customers.

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